Yogurt Enema Recipe

Many people don't know that we NEED bacteria in our digestive systems to do several jobs!
Incredibly, you have more bacteria and other microorganisms living in your digestive passageway than you have cells in your entire body. These microorganisms total approximately 100 trillion, and collectively weigh between three to five pounds in the average adult.

Friendly bacteria in your gut do the following:

1.  Stimulate the production of antibodies in your blood, increasing your immune
     system strength and capacity to deal with toxins, allergens, harmful microorganisms
     and incompletely digested protein.
2.  Produce nutrients that are essential to your health like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin K
3.  Take up space and resources in your gut, which helps to prevent infection by
      harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites.
4.  Produce natural antibiotics, acids, and hydrogen peroxide, which also helps to
     protect you against infection by harmful microorganisms, including bacteria that can
     cause food poisoning.


Yogurt enema solutions are helpful to those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), parasites or ulcerative colitis. Yogurt enemas are performed in the style of an “implant” enema, which is a small, nurturing enema that deposits nutritional value into the body rather than removes toxins. As an implant enema, the yogurt solution is less in volume than a routine cleansing enema and would be retained in the body without a 'dramatic' expulsion. The purpose of using a yogurt enema solution is to implant probiotics directly into the body. Be sure to use active culture yogurt or make your own. Yogurt is easy and inexpensive to make at home, and the nutritional benefits outweigh any possible inconvenience.
After a bout with stomach flu, replacing the 'friendly' bacteria lost is often a help to a speedy recovery.

Enema Recipe:

8oz .Plain Yogurt  " live acidophilus cultures " (Lactobacillus)
1 qts. Warm Filtered Water
Mix well.
Make sure that the solution has not cooled below
103 Fahrenheit.


Directions for Administering an Enema

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