Yogurt Acidophilus Implant Enema Recipe


A probiotic retention enema is the fastest way to implant a mega-dose of beneficial bacteria straight into the colon – and lower part of the small intestine.  Probiotics have proven themselves to be a major help for those with Chron's disease, IBS and other intestinal tract problems.

Yogurt Implant Enema Recipe:

8oz. Plain Yogurt (live culture) acidophilus
8 to 16 oz. warm filtered water
Temperature 103°Fahrenheit
Mix well
Directions for Administering an Enema

Probiotic retencion enema
An implant enema only uses enough fluid to partially fill the rectum.  Completely filling the rectum will cause the urge to expel.
If you're planning on a yogurt enema, be sure you have 'live culture' yogurt and avoid sugary flavors.

L. Bifidus Retention Enema (Bifidobacterium is a genus of Gram-positive, non-motile, often
branched anaerobic bacteria inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract, vagina and mouth)

Acidophilus/Bifidus These two probiotics are excellent healthy bacteria for balancing intestinal flora. The use of probiotics helps the body fight yeast infections and improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients. 
It is helpful in cases of candidiasis and other yeast infections, and in cases of severe gas and bloating. When gas is the problem, the L. Bifidus enema may provide relief within minutes. This remedy may also be beneficial when high colonics have been used or when antibiotics have been taken over long periods of time - practices that can kill the body's "friendly" bacteria. The L. Bifidus Enema replaces this flora, helping the body fight yeast infections and improving digestion. In fact, this enema can be useful during any severe illness. It is great to do this procedure after a colonic or a therapeutic enema to replace valuable intestinal flora that may have been washed out or destroyed. 


For best results, use a plain water enema before using the L. Bifidus Enema, as this makes it easier to retain the solution for the necessary period of time. After expelling the plain water enema, place 1 pint of the L. Bifidus solution in an enema bag. 

To make the L. Bifidus Enema solution, mix 2 quarts of luke warm steam-distilled or quality water with 2-5 tablespoons of a powdered Probiotic (depending on the brand you are using). Be sure to avoid using very cold or very warm water since this will kill or inhibit the "good" bacteria you are trying to introduce into the intestinal tract (not to mention, the uncomfortable feeling of hot or cold water in the intestines). If capsules are used, empty the contents of 6 to 8 capsules per cup of water. Mix until formula is dissolved. Use only 1 pint of the solution at a time, and refrigerate the remainder in a jar. 

Another suggestion is to put 1 tablespoon of probiotics in 2 cups of water and add a splash of aloe vera juice.


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