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The most important thing when giving or taking an enema is
Communication & Relaxation


I cannot state this enough "communication" ! !

No mater whether you are on the receiving or giving end of the enema procedure.
Relaxation & Communication 

Let's start with the person giving the enema.

If the person receiving the enema has never experienced one you need to explain what an enema is, and what's going to happen during the enema. If they have had enemas before then it's your job is to coach them through the procedures so that they can have a comfortable experience.

As the person administrating the enema you should be considerate as possible of person receiving the enema. An enema can be rather embarrassing for person receiving the enema. So modesty is very important.

If they have never had an enema I would suggest a saline enema and not a soap suds enema. It will easier for them to take.
Which will make for a more comfortable experience for the first time enema.

It can be a great benefit if the person giving the enema has been on the receiving end so they understand the feelings the recipient is going through.

Start with what position you want them in to receive their enema.

Next tell them if you need to lubricate their anus for easy nozzle insertion. Try using one of these
(Super Salve)

When you are going to insert the nozzle, when you’re starting the flow of water.

You should be watchful of the recipient’s reaction during the enema, to see if they are having cramps so you can stop or slow the flow of water.

You can explain to them that they will feel the  rectum getting full and the feeling will pass, if it gets to hard for them to hold you need to stop the flow until the feeling subsides. You might have to do this several times during the enema.

Remind them to let you know when they are feeling to full normal healthy adult should be able to hold the full two quarts of water, unless they are really full of fecal matter. In which case you might only able get then to take 1 quart or a little more. Then see if they can hold what they have taken and hold if for a few minutes, then let them relieve themselves. Start again with a new full bag.

Now for the person receiving the enema!

Your part is not as quite as involved as the person giving the enema is.

The most important thing for you to do is relax. Relax Relax

The enema will be much more pleasant for you if you are relaxed.

You need to tell the person giving you the enema when you are feeling full or having cramps, so they can slow or stop the flow of water, until you get used to it. Then they can restart the flow.

Don't be afraid to let them know how you are feeling! ! Remember communication!

Try to take as much water as you can. Then try to hold your enema for 5 to 10 minutes. This way the enema can do a good job.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised after you release the enema on how well and refreshed and invigorated you feel.

Taking the Enema

A good time for taking an enema is before going to bed, so you can take advantage of the relaxed hydrated state of the body. Some take enemas just to help relax after a stressful day. There are lots of reasons for taking an enema, other than being constipated. I suggest learning to use an enema, before you think that you will need one.

Fill an enema bag with approximately 2 quarts of filtered, or good quality drinking  water, (do not use distilled water, unless directed by your health care professional). The water should be 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit. For your colon's health sake, DON'T GUESS at the water temperature.
USE A THERMOMETER You can severely injure the colon with water that is to hot

Hang the enema bag16" (one foot, four inches), above the rectum or drape over raised knees, (if lying on your back). You can always raise the bag if it won't go in. Some like the warmth of the bottle on their abdomen prior to and even during the procedure. (If using a combination douche /enema syringe) Lubricate an enema tip. I personally like to use douche tip or a barium enema tip works great. The small bulb on the end of the barium tip helps avoid the nozzle from slipping out. Insert lubricated   nozzle into the rectum and allows water to gently flow into the colon, (taking about 15 minutes for the complete fill). If you start to feel cramping. Clamp off the water flow and wait for the sensation to quiet, before resuming.

A slow-fill will permit more warm water to enter the colon and stay there longer without discomfort. Colon spasms can be caused by a fast-fill, with the bag hung too high, or water temperature either too hot or too cool. A few degrees inside the colon do make a big difference.

Gentle counterclockwise abdominal massage moves water higher up into the colon, HOWEVER, THIS MAY CAUSE A NEED TO EVACUATE; if so I'll move to the toilet and release. This is not a contest, so don't worry about getting enough water, or all the 2 quarts of water in the first time. You can always start another enema with a fresh bag of water.

This type of enema is useful to clean out the colon and to hydrate the body. It can be done in:

(1) In a  knee-chest position with buttock in the air

(2) In  left lateral side position or

(3)  On the back with knees up and together, feet apart.

 Sitting on the toilet while taking an enema can be uncomfortable because it may put too much pressure in the rectum causing a reflex action to defecate. However, it is an option, especially for those not so agile at jumping up and getting to the toilet. Some don't mind the assistance of another to help with the mechanics of the procedure.

When expelling the enema:
Massage abdomen in a clockwise direction this will help move the solution back toward the rectum and anus.

Massaging the abdomen while expelling the enema helps move the solution and feces toward the rectum and out the anus.

While home enemas can and should be a regular part of personal health care, AN ENEMA can be a SUBSTITUTE FOR A  COLONIC IRRIGATION, Both WASH THE ENTIRE FIVE AND A HALF FEET OF THE LARGE INTESTINE. Although repeated fillings of two quarts or more will accomplish the same results. The addition of various implants allows the colon irrigation to be used to nourish colon tissue, reduce fever, relieve tension, and diminish referred pain. Home enemas can often make fewer Colonics more effective, whatever

Remember to Thoroughly Wash Your Equipment after Use


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