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   A few people experience severe constipation during their lifetime. Dehydration is usually one of the major causes or diet and lack of exercise and possibly some other factors.
In most cases, severe constipation is temporary and can be relieved relatively easily.

Understanding the causes, prevention, and treatment will help most people discover relief.

Any time you suffer from constipation you should try to deal with it as soon as you discover your constipated otherwise it will progress to where it can be extremely hard to deal with.

Severe constipation can be defined as not having a bowel movement for Five to seven days or more. If something is not done to relieve the severe constipation it can progress into impaction.

Instead of pushing and straining you can use an oil retention enema, that is only six or 8 oz. to lubricate and soften the hardened fecal material which will make deification easier.

You can take a chemical laxative and wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before it takes effect and it usually takes effect at a very inconvenient time.

You can also relieve severe constipation with relative ease by using a cleansing enema series.  This will also clean out the entire colon instead of just the rectum and sigmoid colon.


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