Right Time to use an Enema (Colon Cleansing)

When is the right time to take an enema ?
The answer is whenever you feel the need !
Taking a  large volume enema will help !
A simple enema to relieve constipation
Some people use an enema first thing in the morning
You can take an enema anytime

 Many times the Question comes up "when is the right time to use colon cleansing" basically the answer is whenever you feel the need too.  There are many times when it would be advisable to take an Enema.

(1)   Many people find that taking a  large volume enema or enema series at the beginning of a cold or flu reduces the amount of time suffering and recuperating. 

(2)  A simple enema will relieve constipation in just a few minutes, instead of up too a day or two if using laxatives. 
These are but two reasons for the right time to take an enema.

At first, many people have a distaste for enemas or have psychological barriers against them because of misinformation, embarrassment or  perceived humiliation.  About using this minor procedure.
It is alright to give yourself permission to use this helpful tool and you to can learn how much better you feel afterwards. 
There is nothing dirty, weird or wrong about needing or wanting to use an enema.

Some people use an enema first thing in the morning  for a clean fresh feeling, and feel energized all day.
While others prefer to take their enema in the evening to help them relax and relieve the stress of the day before going to bed.
Although you can take an enema anytime day or night when you have the time or the need.

Most people find that after an enema or enema series, they feel much better. It is this renewed vitality that should be your guide for when you need to use an enema.
As soon as you find this renewed vitality diminishing, give yourself a series of enemas. You'll find that by doing this, you could feel better immediately after you have expelled the enema solution.
But if you find that you don't feel better after a colon cleansing series, take a break for a couple of days and then try this helpful procedure again.

Because colon peristalsis occurs intermittently (one to three times per day), unlike the continual rhythmic contractions of the small intestine,colon cleansing can be used regularity without disrupting a healthy peristaltic rhythm of the intestinal tract.
(Peristalsis is a series of regular muscle contractions that occur throughout the digestive tract. Peristalsis is seen in tubular organs that connect the kidneys to the bladder.
Peristalsis is an automatic and important process that moves food or liquid through the digestive system. It also moves urine from the kidneys into the bladder, and bile from the gallbladder into the duodenum and their into the liver.)

Peristalsis is a normal function of the body. It can sometimes be felt in the abdomen as gas moves along the intestinal tract

Most people benefit greatly from cleansing their colon at least once per month. If you are chronically ill or working through a program which involves a lifestyle change, you may find that taking an enema series daily can be important for you.

So whenever you feel sluggish or bloated or both.  It is the right time to take an enema!
Remember taking an enema is like taking a shower or bath only on the inside!


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Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider.
  Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
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