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When we talk about a large volume enema we mean an enema which will fill and flush out the entire large intestine. A normal healthy adult can usually accept anywhere between 1 to 4 qts. of enema solution, which will adequately cleanse the entire length of the colon.
The best way to cleanse the colon (Large Intestine) is with a series of enemas that increase in size until you fill and slightly distend the entire Large Intistine.
Taking a large volume enema does require some patience and especially relaxation.

Large Volume Enema Syringe

Silicone Clear Classic enema bag

Silicone Colon Nozzle

Silicone Enema Hose/Tubing

Silicone Smooth Flow Syringe
These are originally designed, clear one gallon silicone bags. They are not effected by time, heat or chemicals, nor as fragile as rubber. It is the very best bag that you can buy and they will last for a lifetime.  Silicone Tubing and Silicone Nozzles   Silicone Smooth Flow Syringe available.
Here is a great downloadable reference video for the Large Volume Enema, showing and explaining how to use a large volume enema from start to finish.

Silicone Colon Tube Flowmaster Cleansing Program
The four quart enema has been talked about and used for years.  Few people are capable of taking 4+ qts. of solution in one continuous injection. A series injections that slightly distends the colon each time is more comfortable and effective in cleaning the entire colon.

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