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   How to insert a large nozzle? It is relatively easy when you know how . This is definitely a learnable skill.
 Exercise common sense and patience.

   When we say large nozzle we are generally talking about a nozzle that is approximately the same size in diameter or larger than a normal bowel movement.  Approximately an 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. But this technique can be used with any sized nozzle.

   Oddly enough this is a practice that is easier to learn on yourself and then teach it to another person. That is going to administer the enema to you using a large diameter enema nozzle.

  This self-learning requirement is there because only you can feel the sensations of the anal sphincter muscle and judge the pace of the progressive insertions. Later, you can provide this feedback to your inserter.

First and foremost is the need, especially the first time, to take your time and do this gradually and carefully. There may be some discomfort but should never be sharp pain - pain means improper technique - most likely you are trying to hurry the process too fast.  If there is any more than a very slight amount of pain slow down.

A tip that increases in size gradually is easiest to start with. Once skilled in the procedure you can try a more ball shaped nozzle.

Good lubrication is essential as the anus has no natural lubrication. If you use a water-based lubricant, like (Super Salve    Surgilube ) make sure to reapply as needed throughout the procedure. It is always better to have more lubricant that not enough.

   Insert the tip of the pipe into the anus until it starts to feel uncomfortable due to the increasing size of the pipe. Then push out with your anus as if you were trying to have a bowel movement and insert the pipe a little further inside you. After a couple seconds, withdrawal the pipe and relax your anal muscle - you will feel it contract to its closed position or maybe a little bit opened. After a few seconds, repeat the procedure. You will find that each successive insertion will further relax the anus and allow a deeper penetration.

Finally the largest portion of the pipe will pass the narrowest part of the opening (about an inch inside the outer visible portion of the anus) and the anus will relax and close in around the now narrower portion of the tip behind the widest bulge. The nozzle will now stay in place even if you do not hold it in place from the outside as the larger portion is inside the anus.

   Remember relax your anus during the insertion and removal of the nozzle.

   How long will this process take? It depends on the size of the nozzle and your skill level with the procedure. It might take 10 minutes or more the first time (with dozens of the partial insertions) and a minute or two with practice.

   Removal: Is essentially the reverse of the insertion procedure - pull out the pipe a little farther on each of a series of attempts to gently remove it - pushing out as if to make a bowel movement as before. You will find that this removal goes a little more quickly as your anus is already used to the stretching; a minute or two will probably do the trick. Make sure the nozzle is still well lubricated, especially important if you are using a water-based lubricant as it may have washed off the nozzle during the enema.

   Subsequent enemas in the series will also proceed more quickly as the anus is already relaxed but always take the time to lubricate as needed to insert/remove comfortably and safely.

   The procedure can be administered by your partner but you need to provide the feedback as to the pace of successively deeper penetrations/removals. Over time, they will know the pace at which you are comfortable and can accept the nozzle during the insertion/removal procedure with less prompting.

Enema Nozzle Insertion


Enemas are a gentle, safe and intelligent way to assist your colon to function properly.
You should Never feel embarrassed or humiliated  about the need to use an Enema.
Feel proud that you give yourself permission to care for your body.


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