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Once your enema bag has the correct temperature and amount of solution. Suspend the bag at a height that will ensure a comfortable flow of solution. Lubricate a few inches of the colon tube. Remove air from hose and colon tube. Lie down on your left side in a comfortable spot then lubricate your anus and insert the colon tube. How the colon tube is inserted varies between individuals. Here are some helpful tips:

1. NEVER force a colon tube.

2. The best way to insert a Colon or Rectal tube is to insert the colon tube just inside the anus and begin a flow of the solution to create a channel of water. you can stop and start the flow of solution to help with this process. then insert it in small stages, gradually. Insert it a to 1in. at a time if you hit a stop. Pull it back a couple of inches and do some relaxation breathing and then start reinserting. Twisting and turning at tube when you hit a stop will also help.

3. A thin stiff colon tube could perforate the colon. A medium diameter, about 32 to 38 Fr. is a good size to use.

4. Each person will react differently to colon tubes, even when a 'channel' of water or solution is created. You might never be able to get the tube inserted completely and you should never try to force it.

5. It is not really necessary to insert the entire length of the rectal/colon tube into your colon in order to accomplish a 'high enema'. Use time, patience and gravity to your benefit. Unless your colon is congenitally abnormal or something similar, the enema should be able to reach the 'high' areas of the colon.

6. Probably the best way to take a 'deep' colon tube insertion is to start out on your left side. Insert a few inches of  tube and a few ounces of water and then, after the tube is 'in' about 10+ inches, turn over on your back, with hips elevated on a pillow or something to raise the buttocks a few inches. Obviously, it would be better to have someone else helping but that's not always possible for most people. Just remember that it's not necessarily how deep the colon tube is inserted but, rather, how far the enema solution reaches into the colon that really counts. This takes time, relaxation and listening to one's own body, to achieve.

Slowly take the water from the enema over 5-15 minutes. Hold the enema solution another few minutes. Once you have taken the entire solution and have retained it for the period of time required, you can move to the toilet and let your colon cleanse itself.
Many people find that if they inject a few ounces of oil ( 4 to 6ozs.) into the rectum before they insert the colon tube, may have less trouble with the tube insertion.  If you are going to use oil for colon tube lubrication, the best oil to use is Extra-virgin Olive Oil.

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