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Enema bags or Colon Hydrotherapy Boards are the perfect tools for cleansing your colon at home. The enema bag is cheaper, and hold less water. You can use repeated fillings to reach the entire colon .

Each has it's place enema bags
With an enema bag, you can easily use supplements like Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Organic Aloe Vera Juice, MSM, probiotics, coffee, etc. Many see a lot of benefits in using these and other supplements intermittently with filtered water.

When taking an enema, hang the bag at least 18 inches above your anal opening. Before you fill the bag, make sure the tubing clamp is shut tight so that the content of the bag does not leak out. Lubricate the rectal tip with a lubricant like Super Salve  Surgilube . Lie on your back on a towel on the floor or on any other flat surface. Open the tubing clamp. Let as much liquid into your colon as you feel comfortable with. Continue this process until the bag is empty. My favorite colon soothing recipe is the Olive Oil/Aloe Vera Mix. (See recipes.) At this point, either massage your colon from left to right, descending colon to ascending colon, in small circular motions or lift your buttocks off the ground with your legs or in a full shoulder stand( not recommend if you haven’t tried this before) to further move the liquid into your colon. Try to retain the enema for about 5 to 10 minutes. Evacuate whenever you feel the need to.
Repeat this process until you can accept a full bag of solution or more during one injection.

Colon Hydrotherapy Board
Colon Hydrotherapy Boards are more expensive (but cheaper than colon hydrotherapy sessions at $45 to $125 per session), The buckets hold 4-5 gallons of water and are done over the toilet. You fill the bucket with warm filtered water. It needs to set one to two feet above your body. At this point, If you choose you can add to your water 1/4 cup of lemon juice, or one tablespoon of Epsom salts, or one cup of garlic water, blended and strained garlic cloves, or one to two cups of coffee, or one cup of BENTONITE clay. (All of these products will have different results so know what you are doing!) You will have to get a suction in the hose before it will flow down, or have a bucket the has plumbing for the hose at the bottom. To do this, fill the hose with water and let some of it out. This will create suction. Clamp the tube and put one end in the bucket.
One end of the Colon Hydrotherapy board lies over the toilet bowel and the other end rests on a chair or stool that makes the board slant slightly toward the toilet bowel. It you want you can put an old kitchen colander (strainer) in the toilet to catch any hardened mucus or fecal matter. Some people are astounded by what comes out of them. Seeing is believing.
Next, lubricate the colon nozzle which goes into the rectum. Towels on the board help for comfort. Lie down and insert the tube into the rectum.
Do not try to hold too much water in the beginning. If you feel any pressure, then simply “let go” and the water will come pouring out into the toilet. The more you get used to taking home Colonics, the more you will know exactly how much you can hold.

I recommend that people start the process with what they feel comfortable for themselves. Some people are going to feel much more at ease having a trained professional assisting them to clean their colon. Other people can get their brains around an enema but feel too shy to let a stranger do this to them. I believe that colon cleansing is a very important tool in health maintenance and I recommend that you start what is easy for you as soon as possible. I think you will be pleasantly surprised ! !

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