High Enema Series

A high enema series designed to flush the large intestine
this means is that you inject as much liquid into the colon until it becomes slightly distended
You repeat this procedure, several times
The first step is to flush and evacuate your rectum
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A high enema series is designed to clean the entire large intestine from the rectum to the cecum.  It does this by instilling and releasing several large volume enemas in succession.  What this means is that you inject as much liquid into the colon until it becomes slightly distended, then move to the toilet and release
Accomplishing a ‘High’ Enema Series at Home

Beginners or people who have not been able to take larger amounts of water/solution in enemas may find the techniques discussed here to be helpful. At the outset, it needs to be said that each individual should listen to their own body, listen to their own common sense, be in touch with themselves, as well as doing whatever appropriate research they can, and listening to, talking with or reading from experts. This is because there is no single, exact method to accomplish good enema cleansing of this vital organ: the colon – one of the most vital organs in the body, and certainly one of the largest. In fact, there are many ways to accomplish good colon care. I am going to present here a technique that has worked well for me and others whom I know or have heard from over the years. This is a simple, ‘staged’ way to accomplish a ‘high enema’ or cleansing of the entire colon.

You will need, at a minimum: a small ‘bulb-type’ enema syringe or, a clear enema bag and a barium enema nozzle, tubing  clamp and lubricant.

There are many types of enemas and many ways of doing them…Don’t take this as the one and only way to take an enema. This is a description of a series of enemas leading to high a enema, done at home in quiet surroundings, starting with three enemas: first, a very small  enema followed by, second, a 1000cc to 1500cc enema and third, a larger volume high enema of 2500cc or more. One or more additional high-volume enemas can usually be taken in succession, done in a gentle manner and not forced or painful.

This is not the only way to take enemas. it is a technique for a relaxing yet thorough colon cleansing. It is recommended that the procedures discussed here be undertaken only when you have time and quiet, especially time to relax and make the colon cleansing experience a positive, renewing experience.

High Enema Series Procedure

First Enema : Cleaning out the Rectum and Sigmoid colon

The first enema is a simple enema to clear out the lower rectum and sigmoid colon. This can be taken with a ‘bulb type enema syringe or you can use your enema bag and only inject 250 cc to 500cc of . You take this small enema in a comfortable area, inject the solution in slowly. Try to relax for a few minutes five minutes is fine, then expel the contents, this will clean out lower sigmoid rectal area.
The bulb enema nozzle is lubricated and then gently inserted into the anus. Many people use oil for this first enema others use a mild soap solution. One or two bulbs full will generally accomplish this.

The second step is to start flushing out the dissenting and transverse colon.

Second Enema : A 1000cc to 1500cc enema

This enema is designed to clean the lower colon and up into the  descending and transverse colon of major fecal matter prior to the high enema. This enema is often used as a soapy enema, using mild castile soap in low concentration (1 teaspoon) with about per 1000cc in the enema bag filled and mixed.

Take a 1500cc enema in a comfortable area from your 2500cc (approx. 3 quart) clear enema bag. It comes with a barium nozzle They use them for administering "Barium" enemas during x-ray examinations of the colon. Barium solution is a fairly thick liquid and this nozzle handles it with no problem at all ! The base of each Nozzle has a standard 5/16" Barb to fit standard hospital-type 5/16" I.D. tubing it has a 3/4 in. bulb on the end which is easier to retain in the rectum.

This enema contains a mild soapy solution. Take the first third of the enema on the left side (Simms position) lying comfortably in a warm area, then switch to on the on- back position with your bottom elevated by pillows, It is helpful to breathe slowly and deeply through your mouth to help relax and minimize any discomfort, this will enable you to take the high enema as comfortable as possible. If you experience any cramping, slow or stop the flow of the solution momentarily  to make you more comfortable.  Now move to the toilet and release.

Upon taking this enema and expelling, fecal material in the descending colon and transverse colon is loosened up and most of the larger matter should be discharged. However, with some of the soapy ‘residue’ from the enema remaining in the colon, when the high enema is next taken the mild soapy residue is pushed up into the higher reaches of the colon, causing a loosening of retained fecal matter very high in the colon, all the way into the cecum.

The High Enema cleaning the ascending colon and cecum.

Third Enema: 2500cc to as much as you can hold comfortably !

A relaxed stretched out position is ideal in that you can relax during the enema and also change positions during the procedure.

Use a 2500cc clear enema bag  (approx. 3 quart) with a barium enema nozzle for easier retention of the nozzle.

Other types of bags and nozzles can be used. Fill the bag with warm water and a  mild soap solution, although it is not necessary to use a soap solution if a smaller soapy enema has already been taken as previously described.

The colon is a huge organ which, when full of a high enema, occupies the entire abdomen from the ribcage to the genitals. During administration, you will lie on your left side then roll onto your back to take the last of the enema solution. Rolling onto your back allows the liquid to flow into the rest of the colon easily.
This position will enable the enema solution to flow easily into the rectum & colon.  

The male is shown here on the right resting for a few minutes after taking in a 2500cc enema, with the abdomen expanded.  The healthy adult colon can hold a significant volume enema—3 quarts or more—when the lower colon has been cleansed by the smaller enemas previously described. However, we advocate going slow, being safe, and never taking more enema solution if there is sharp pain. Moreover, taking colon cleansing a high enema does require practice and some getting used to,  like many other activities. In addition, as mentioned previously relaxation is essential, meaning taking enemas in a relaxed, quiet environment.

High  Enema Procedure

Relax in the classic Leftside position. In this position he can stretch out comfortably on the bed, extend his left leg fully and bring up his right knee so that he is at least partially on his side This is a most common position to give and receive enemas, at least in the initial stages of an enema. It is also a common position for enema nozzle insertion. Once you are comfortable and are taking in the enema, many people actually find it relaxing to take the initial stage of a high enema by lying on their stomach or partially so. Comfort during enemas is really up to the individual, most people prefer to ‘lie down’ and rest quietly during an enema, just extending the right knee a bit. As you become full from the enema and wish to make certain that the enema is reaching the high portion of the colon, then turn on your back. This on the back, legs up position can be comfortable and can also permit higher volumes of enema solution to reach the upper colon. Many people will find it also useful to add a pillow under their bottom, both to provide an easy balance when pulling their legs back and up, and to provide a way to help gravity by making the body tilt back so to speak.

A high enema is often given for relieving constipation, or before a proctoscopic examination or various other procedures.

  The high enema is not painful, but the person needs to have the entire colon completely filled. This means that a normal healthy person should receive enough water to fill the colon from the rectum to and including the cecum the very end of the large intestine where a complete clearing or systemic therapeutic effect is sought.

During the administration, you will be asked to lie on your left side then roll onto your back to take the last of the enema solution.
This position will enable the enema solution to flow easily into the rectum & colon.
The solution most commonly used is approximately two to four quarts warm filtered water that is placed in a container with a hose and flexible rectal tube, enema tip or custom nozzle. The nozzle end will be lubricated ( Super Salve  Surgilube ) and inserted into the rectum, after which the solution will be administered slowly.
Injecting the solution slowly helps to minimize discomfort. Water temperature should be around 103  Fahrenheit.

Never above 115 Fahrenheit.

It is helpful to breathe slowly and deeply through your mouth to help relax and minimize any discomfort this will enable you to take the high enema as comfortable as possible. If you experience any cramping, slow or stop the flow of the solution  momentarily  to make you more comfortable. Once the high enema is administered, you will probably feel the need to have a bowel movement. Try and hold the solution for a few minutes before using the toilet this will insurer you get the best possible results. if you have trouble retaining the solution you might want to try a retention nozzle. Although some people prefer to use a retention plug after they have received the enema.

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