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Higginson Syringe

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Smooth Flow "Higginson" style syringes are an in-line pump added to the enema hose which increases your ability to move the enema solution deep into the colon, with less cramping, for a complete colon cleanse enema. The Smooth Flow Syringe attaches to the enema bag or enema can and your choice of enema nozzle or colon tube. A Smooth Flow enema pump can be added to most enema bags or cans.
This is bulb like syringe that when squeezed injects solution from a container or enema bag into the rectum via the anus.
It has backflow valves that will not allow water to flow back into the enema bag or container.

This is a great device to insure that the recipient receives all of the enema solution.
On the outgoing end of the tubing an enema nozzle is attached to be inserted into the anus
the opposite end is submerged into a container holding the enema solution or attached to the enema tubing.

Any type of nozzle can be used with the Higginson  Enema Syringe.

This device has an unlimited capacity and a one-way flow valves, you are able to easily inject water into the colon. In addition, it is a great enema tool while taking a bath. Just use the filtered bath water that you have added some sea salt and essential oil to. The hot bath water allows you to relax, as your colon relaxes. This set-up allows you to have the therapeutic benefits of a spa right in your own home.

Place the suction end of the Enema Syringe in solution container or immerse in bathtub water while bathing.
Prepare yourself for the enema. (ensure that you are in a good health and are able to accept enema solution.

Instruction for cleaning a Higginson Enema  Syringe

  • Run several compressions of the bulb of warm soapy water through the syringe then rinse with clear filtered water one or two times.

  • Sterilize the Higginson Enema  Syringe by by submerging it in a solution of 10% chlorine bleach and water for 15 or 20 minutes).

  • Finally run another batch of warm filter water through the syringe and let dry.


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