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Gas in the Digestive Tract ?

GAS can be created from: swallowing air or the breakdown of certain foods by the bacteria that are present in the colon Everyone has gas. It may be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but it is not life-threatening. Farting is passing it through the rectum. Most people produce about 1 to 3 pints a day and pass farts about 14 times a day. Most gas is made up of odorless vapors -- carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sometimes methane. things that contain sulfur often produce the unpleasant odor of flatulence. What causes this in the digestive tract? in the digestive tract comes from two sources: aerophagia (air swallowing) - usually caused by eating or drinking rapidly, as well as by chewing gum, smoking, or wearing loose dentures. breakdown of certain undigested foods by harmless bacteria naturally present in the large intestine (colon) Some carbohydrates (sugar, starches, and fiber) are not digested or absorbed in the small intestine because of a shortage or absence of certain enzymes. The undigested or unabsorbed food then passes into the large intestine, where harmless and normal bacteria break down the food. This process produces hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and, in about one-third of all people, methane gas, which is then released through the rectum.
Introducing liquefied food products into the rectum and colon by enema can cause massive amounts of gas.

Removing Gas from the Colon:
Substantial gas in the colon, it may be very difficult for the colon to lift water when large air bubbles are present. These like to collect at the hepatic flexure, high on the right side, and can be detected by a rumbling sound when you press there.
If you want to remove the gas from the colon. Sit on the floor and make sure the gas is at the hepatic. Roll slowly onto the right side, then massage the transverse colon, following its course with your hands. You will know that you are moving that gas by the rumbling. When you have the gas moved to the splenic flexure, move quickly to the knee-chest position. Now massage the descending colon upward, from the ribs to the groin on the left side (you're upside down, remember) until the gas has moved to the sigmoid colon. Use heavy massage in the groin area, to move water out of the sigmoid colon, and allow the gas in. When this is done, get on the toilet quickly, and you should be able to expel a significant amount of gas. You may have to repeat this procedure several times, but when all the gas is out of the colon you should be able to expel the solution.


Gas in the Digestive Tract


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