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Gall Bladder Cleanse

A lot easier than surgery to remove stones !!
Be sure to check with your Doctor about any Health Care issue

3 day or weekend Gall Bladder Cleanse

( It would be best to use a high enema series to flush out your colon before beginning your cleanse.)

  You can flush out the colon with a high enema. It will probably take 2 or 3 enemas to clean the entire colon depending how dirty it is. Use a two quart or more if possible enema, not a small ( fleet type sodium phosphate enema ) you want the entire colon cleaned, so the bile & gallstones can move freely into the small intestine without restriction. How to use a High Enema

rectal thermometer

Start Day: Day 1

To start your fast, No solid foods

Drink apple juice or any type of juice all day, You can also eat Applesauce, Pears or Pear juice, Prunes or Figs.

Any other fruits, fruit juice is fine to eat or drink also.


Metamucil or Citrucel take 1 to 3 times a day.
Acidophilus/Bifidus capsules 2 to 6 capsules a day.

Anal Thermometer

2nd Day:

Same as 1st day & Cleanse Colon

2nd Night - just before bed.

That night thoroughly mix 1/2-cup freshly squeezed lemon juice with 1/2 cup, extra virgin olive oil (the kind sold in a dark bottle to protect from light). Mix just before drinking. Drink that all down and go to bed.

Try to lie on your right side, with your right leg drawn up as close to your chest as possible and stay in that position.

Stay that way for as long as you can, sleep all night on right side (prop up pillows to help).

 Temperature Rectally

3rd day: Morning

When you awake the third morning you should feel the need to use the bathroom.

If not then take a two-quart warm tap water enema.

After you have gone to the bathroom look to see if there is any gall stones in the feces,.

Gallstones are dark green or black and can be any size.

After your bowel movement you can take a large volume enema to insure you have removed all the gall stones. 
 Repeat enema as needed or if you feel not all the stones were removed  ! !

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Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider.
  Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
  Discontinue use and consult your health care provider.
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High Enema

A high enema is the cleansing of the colon or large intestine. It involves the injection of a solution into the rectum to soften the feces, distending the rectum and colon, and thereby cause the easy emptying of the bowel.
A high enema is often given for relieving constipation. Before a proctoscopic examination or various other procedures.

The most comfortable position seems to be.  Is to  lie on your left side, with the right leg flexed. (SIMM's position)
This position will enable the enema solution to flow easily into the rectum & colon.
The solution most commonly used is a mixture of mild soap and approximately two quarts of warm water that is placed in an enema container with a flexible enema tube. The tube end is lubricated and inserted into the rectum about 4 to 6 inches, after which the solution is then slowly administered.
Injecting the solution slowly helps to minimize discomfort.

It is also helpful to breathe slowly and deeply through the mouth to help minimize discomfort and enable you to take the enema more easily. If you experience cramps, The solution can be slowed or stopped momentarily to make you more comfortable. Once the enema is administered, you will probably feel an urgent need to move your bowels. You should try to hold the solution  5 or 10 minutes to get the best results. Repeat as needed until the return is fairly clear, it will never become completely clear.














Left Side position for enemas








 Drawing of the Large Intestine (Colon)











There are many different additives that you can use with enemas.
Never use water hotter than 115 Fahrenheit as it can scald and harm the colon wall ! !

enema pole
1: Soap Suds
Soap is the most often used enema additive.
Mix the amount and type of soap you want to use in the two quart enema bag, water should be about 105 fahrenheit.
 Rectal Temperature
2: Garlic
In a saucepan place 2-4 garlic bulbs and 2-4 cups of filtered water bring to a boil. Turn heat down to a simmer. Let simmer for 10 or 15 minutes. Remove from stove and let cool to about 105 fahrenheit. Place in a blender and blend, strain. Mix with the 2 quarts of water in your enema container. Solution should be about 103 fahrenheit. when injected into the rectum. Garlic is a very strong antibiotic, anti fungal and anti parasitic herb. Use with caution. If your colon is infested with parasites or candida, this could cause too much die-off.
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3:Olive Oil/Aloe Vera
In an enema bag, pour one cup of organic olive oil and one cup of organic aloe vera juice.   Slowly inject into rectum with an enema bag or bulb syringe. Hold as long as you are able. This will help soothe the intestinal lining suffering from inflammation as well as clean the colon. Flaxseed Oil can be used in place of the Olive Oil but will be less soothing and more directed towards eliminating candida infestations.
enema-pole.gif (1809 bytes)
These two bacteria are excellent healthy bacteria for balancing intestinal flora. Put 1 teaspoonful in 2 cups of water or aloe vera juice and inject into the rectum. Try to hold the mixture for as long as you can. It is great to do this procedure after a high enema series or colonic.


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