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 Seeds and oil of the flax plant contain substances which will promote good health. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid that is beneficial for people with heart disease. ALA belongs to a group of substances called omega-3 fatty acids. Lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease and control high blood pressure. Several studies indicate that flaxseed oil, as well as ground flaxseeds, can lower cholesterol, thereby significantly reducing the risk of heart disease. Flaxseed oil may also have a protective effect against angina (chest pain) and high blood pressure.  Also very beneficial for breast, colon, prostate, and perhaps skin cancer. Lignans and other flaxseed components also have antioxidant properties.
Grind the seeds — whole seeds simply pass through the body with very little benefit to the system.

A problem noted about using ground flaxseed versus flaxseed oil as an implant enema is that the ground flaxseed mixed with filtered or distilled water has a tendency to cause minor gas build up in the colon.

Flaxseed oil enemas relieve inflammation in the bowel, it is advantageous in dysentery ,hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
Flaxseed oil is more directed towards eliminating candida infestations. 

 Enema Recipe:

Mix 16 oz. of warm Flaxseed oil
1  quarts of warm filtered water.
Temperature 103 Fahrenheit

Directions for Administering an Enema

 A to better way of taking a Flaxseed oil enema.
Fill enema bag with warm filtered water.

Now take an 8oz. bulb syringe and fill it with warm of mineral oil. Oil temperature should be approximately 103 Fahrenheit
Now take the 8 oz. bulb syringe with the mineral oil and inject it into the rectum.

Next take the enema from your enema bag as you normally would as per above.

You may need to use a couple of soap suds enemas to wash the oil out of your colon.
Otherwise your anus could leak oil for hours.


When expelling the enema:
Massage abdomen in a clockwise direction this will help move the solution back toward the rectum and anus.

Massaging the abdomen while expelling the enema helps move the solution and feces toward the rectum and out the anus.


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