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Enemas can be used daily when cleansing or detoxifying. It takes time to rid the colon of a lifetime of waste!
Using oral bulk fiber cleansers will help ensure your colon is getting a good cleansing plus increase colon muscle tone.
A good enema is a great way to increase muscle tone in your colon.
Also, increasing whole grains, vegetables in your diet will increase fiber.

Many people have stated that they lose 3 to 9 lbs. of weight during their first enema series.

If you don't like drinking the fiber mixture, Then you can get your fiber in capsule form.

Fat is not going to come off, but enema series will help you clean your system therefore the nutrients from food will be easier absorbed so filling you up with less food.  In turn will decrease calories thus losing weight.   A lot of times people continue to eat cause body is saying I need more food.   It is because waste  is attached to the colon wall blocking absorption.   An enema series will remove this built up waste and help the system function properly.  If done with exercise, you will loose weight faster and feel better.

You will need to take three enema series per day in order to remove all fecal matter.  One enema series in the morning, then one after lunch, then one after dinner.  This will keep the colon free of material that will absorb back into the system.

Using enemas as part of a weight-loss program will take some determination on your part because of the procedure.


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