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Are Enemas safe ?    Under Normal Circumstances, YES


   Enema Safety

Enema Safety is important .  We want you to enjoy this healing tool, without being worried about causing yourself more problems. Most of the bad feelings surrounding enemas are myths.

In order to take safe enemas, you must start with safe water.  Water is so important because it is your main tool for cleaning your colon ( Large Intestine). You Don't want to use any chemical based enema. Used repeatedly, and for some just once, these chemicals irritate the colonic tissues. In addition, small amounts of the chemicals end up in your blood stream, which is more work for your liver. Unfiltered, chlorinated water kills good microbes and damages the lining of the colon. I recommend a Carbon-Based Shower Filter or, better yet, an under-the-sink Reverse Osmosis System for a water supply.

Your second most important safety measure starts with taking your time and not rushing. Most normal healthy people can safely take 1-3 quarts of water into their colon. The only way to do this is to add the water very slowly, one-half to one cup per minute or two. (4 to 8ozs.)

  The temperature of the water is also important. If the water is too cold, cold water causes Peristalsis and cramping you are  likely to cause yourself unnecessary pain. If the water is too hot, you could damage the sensitive tissues of the colon. It is recommend that the water you take into your body is 96-105 degrees. One way to measure this temperature is to put some water in your mouth first. You want the water to be warm, but not hot. water over 115?Fahrenheit can burn or scald the colon wall.

Your third most important safety measure is to be very careful with the anus and the rectum. The tissues of the anus and rectum are extremely sensitive and regardless of how many enemas one takes, these areas always need to be treated with utmost care so as not to damage or to aggravate hemorrhoids or anal fissures.
 For this purpose, we recommend Super Salve  Surgilube  Vaseline 13oz.  as your lubricant and a soft nozzle/rectal tube.
If your not careful Small rigid nozzles can penetrate and damage the anal mucosa.

Your fourth most important safety measure is to never share enema equipment with another person. Doing so is the number one way to become sick by being in contact with unhealthy microbes. Colon Therapists only use disposable equipment for this very purpose.

Your fifth most important safety measure when taking enemas is to know a bit about the anatomy and physiology of the colon. The inner tissues of the colon are sensitive, highly absorptive and home to many microorganisms.  Because of these factors, it is important to only use high quality solutions like Essential Oils for stimulation or therapeutic goals, to use 1 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt per quart of water to replenish electrolytes and to use Bifidonate to replenish your healthy intestinal flora after your enema series.

By following the safety measures when you use enemas, you will be assured a positive enema experience.


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