Douche is an Internal Cleansing of the Vagina !

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A warm water douche and enema can be a comfortable relaxing experience.

  Vaginal douche is a process of rinsing or cleaning the vagina by forcing water or another solution into the vaginal cavity to flush away vaginal discharge or other contents.
Vaginal douches are available over-the-counter and are made in a variety of fragrances by several manufacturers; they are also available by prescription to treat certain conditions or prepare for certain procedures or you can purchase a douche syringe.
Usually comes in a bottle or can be used with an enema bag with tubing and a nozzle into the vagina.  Sometimes women will add other solutions, such as vinegar, baking soda, or herbal or perfumed preparations. Women sometimes douche to rinse away blood after a menstrual period, to reduce odor and to clean the vagina after sexual activity.  Women will also douche with the false expectation that doing so will help her to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and/or to wash away semen to prevent pregnancy.    In some cases, a doctor may instruct a woman to douche with a medicinal solution to fight chronic yeast infections or bacterial infections. Currently, almost 15% of adolescent girls and young women in the United States douche. Certain ethnic groups have much higher rates of douching than others.

Douches help women feel clean and refreshed. The most obvious time to use a douche is after menstruation. But you can use it at other times as well - For  nervous tension, to clean away contraceptive jellies or creams, after
intercourse, to wash away built up secretions that cause odor, or any time to feel clean and fresh.
Used with warm water 100ยบ Fahrenheit,
Taking an Enema after douching can be very relaxing and refreshing as well as great for your health ! !

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  Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
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