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   Enemas can be used daily when cleansing or detoxifying and then as needed. It takes a long time to rid the colon of a lifetime of built up waste! Using oral bulk fiber cleansers etc. will ensure your colon is getting a good workout and increasing its muscle tone, rather than becoming dependent on laxatives.
There are also many people using enemas as part of a weight loss program.

a. Fountain syringe /enema bag  (you can purchase one at a Drug Store for about $14.00)
b. Filtered water is better for you than plain tap water because of the possible contaminants in tap water.
c. Enema additives: herbs, chlorophyll, aloe vera, extra-virgin olive oil,M,  BMSifidonate, Celtic Sea Salt, Organic Coffee,
(as recommended by your health care practitioner)

Steps for a relaxing experience:

1.Fill bathtub 1/4 to 1/2 full of warm water (or cool if you want). Warm water is more relaxing to the colon. This makes it easier to take the amount of enema solution that is needed to cleanse the entire colon.

2.Hang Fountain syringe /enema bag on shower head or an adhesive hook, so tubing can reach the rectum in the bathtub. The bottom of the fountain syringe /enema bag should be only one to two feet above the rectum. Suspending the bag any higher creates too fast a flow of enema solution making it harder to take and hold.  Possibly causing abdominal cramping.

3.Have  1 or 2  extra containers of 2 qts. each  ready with warm enema solution should you need to add solution to the bag.
(Prepare while bathtub is filling.)

To prepare for enema:
a.Fill 2 qt. container 1/2 full with filtered water.
b.Heat up some filtered water on the stove. (Don't use hot water from tap.) Add to cool filtered water
till reaches body temperature or105ยบ Fahrenheit.
c.Add Enema Enhancer if this was recommended to you.

4.Fill fountain syringe /enema bag with desired amount of enema solution. (Make sure clamp is closed before filling.)

5. Open clamp and allow a little enema solution to just barely flow out of the nozzle to remove the air ; close clamp. (This ensures no air is in the tubing before inserting enema nozzle or a rectal tube.) After lubricating the enema nozzle or rectal tube with a good lubricant such as.
( Super Salve  Surgilube  Vaseline 13oz. )
 Lay down in bathtub on back.
Then carefully insert nozzle/rectal tube  into anus the appropriate distance.

6.Now slowly Open clamp and allow enema solution to slowly flow into the colon. Close clamp when you feel excessive pressure in the rectum. The  lRamp Camp is the easiest and most adjustable clamp available for enema use.

When pressure is felt then Massage enema solution further up into the colon from left to right.

7. Open clamp again, allow more enema solution to enter slowly. Massage colon as solution enters.
Close clamp when pressure builds in the rectum too much.

8.Stay on your back until feel an extreme urgent need to release the enema solution. After releasing this enema then repeat the  process by refilling colon again with more enema solution until you have used 3 or more bags of enema solution.

This small stool sets the body in the perfect position for expelling the enema.

10.When finished releasing the enema solution, wash and rinse fountain syringe /enema bag with soap and water allowing water to drain out of tubing.
Wash enema nozzle/rectal tube (after removing it from tubing) well with soap and water. Store enema nozzle or rectal tube in a clean dry container for future use.

11.It is always a good idea to smell the fountain syringe /enema bag prior to each use to detect any bacterial contamination. If detected, soak in 3-5% hydrogen peroxide for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse well with plain water. (This can be used as a preventative measure as well.) Antibacterial soap (i.e. Nutribiotic) would also work well. Remember: always rinse with plenty of plain water after cleaning the enema bag.

Increasing whole grains, vegetables & legumes in your diet will increase fiber intake.

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