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      Unlike an enema nozzle that is hard and inflexible and inserted just inside anus into the rectum, a Colon Tube is soft, flexible and designed to be inserted a lot further into the large intestine.

32fr.X30in. silicone colon tube
New Stiffer 70 Durometer Colon Tube*

48fr.X60in. latex colon tube

The term French or (FR) is the measurement of the diameter of the tube. A 14 French tube is fairly small a little less than a ? inch in diameter. A 48 French would be about ½ inch in diameter.
Colon tubes can come in a variety of sizes anywhere from a 3/16 of an inch in diameter to three quarters of an inch in diameter and from 20 in. long to 60 in. long.
When using a colon tube a good (Super Salve  Surgilube  Vaseline 13oz.) is required.  Many people inject a couple of ounces of lubricant into the rectum before inserting a colon tube.
Colon tubes are used to inject the enema solution higher into the intestinal tract or by people who want a high colonic type of cleansing. They can also used by people with hemorrhoids. Some colon tubes are small and soft enough to be inserted past the problem area without much irritation.  By injecting fluids higher into the colon the recipient will soften the stool and help them pass by the hemorrhoids without as much irritation. Also using a stool softener such as oil is of great benefit. Oil enemas can be purchased in small disposable type enemas. Or you can use a bulb rectal syringe to inject as much oil as you need.  One of the best oils to use for lubrication and softening stool is Extra-virgin Olive Oil.  This oil has many other benefits as well as softening stool and lubricating.

Instructions for Inserting a Colon Tube

Silicone Colon Tubes are a great product for using therapeutic enemas. We highly recommend that you don't use possibly toxic rubber or latex inside your colon, but rather use a non-toxic device such as Silicone Tube.

Silicone colon tubes bring your liquid enema solution beyond the area of the rectum. depending upon the type of therapeutic enema, you may want to take as much 2-3 quarts of water to reach the entire colon. When the rectum fills with liquid a substantial urge to release will usually occur. The use of a colon tube may decrease this feeling by delivering solution higher into the colon.

 Using a colon tube during a coffee enema delivers the coffee to the part of the colon nearest to the hepatic vein, which is absorbed by the blood and delivered directly to the liver. Silicone colon tubes are also excellent for implanting Bifidonate and other implants.

Use only silicone colon tubes because they do not carry the risk of causing your body to develop sensitivities to materials like latex or rubber.

Click here for more about latex sensitivity

Lubricating Colon Tubes and Balloon Catheters

Latex Colon Tubes and Silicone Colon Tubes require different types of lubrication.

 Certain Personal lubricants like K-Y Intrigue, Eros Body Glide, ID Millennium, ID Velvet, Wet Platinum, Sliquid Silver, are all SILICONE lubricants and must NEVER be used with silicone tubes, toys or balloon nozzles because the silicone lubricant will destroy them by causing them to soften, tear and dissolve.

Long lasting or non-water soluble lubricants may be desirable by some for use in deep or repeated insertions of colon tubes or balloon nozzles. While the silicone colon tubes and silicone balloon nozzles are not affected by Vaseline, cold cream, olive oil or other vegetable oils,

Silicone lubes do have some good points. They are safe for sensitive skin and they will not dry out at all and are very long lasting. It is fine for rubber tubes and nozzles, plastic or vinyl nozzles like the flexible pink, green and blue ones and the expensive Delrin (polytrioxane/polyoxymethylene) nozzles seen on the internet.

Some colon tubes are long enough when inserted
correctly can reach the entire length of the colon.


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