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Are you as tired of the spam e-mail,TV even telephone adds about Cleanse Programs as I am?
For the most part these programs are basically a harsh laxative and some bulk producing product like psyllium.  Many people find that taking psyllium produces a large amounts of gas in the colon, making most people very uncomfortable.


Apart from the presence of harmful anthraquinones in many herbal colon cleansers, the use of herbal colon cleansers makes medical experts hesitant to recommend them for pregnant women, nursing mothers because they would have the tendency of passing such herbal components on to their infants. Senna and Rhibarb are two of the herbal cleansing laxatives and that are found to contain the harmful antiquinone chemicals.

Other side effects of herbal colon cleansing are tendencies for the user to become dependent on the products which have been found to be laxative in nature when the herbal colon cleansers are used for a prolonged period of time,Soon the colon as well as other digestive organs will have a tendency to not work properly without using the herbal colon cleanser to help them.

Some herbal colon cleansing products have serious side effects when used over a long period of time. Cascara Sagrada for instance can cause irregular heartbeats when used for a long time. Hence patients who have serious heart complications are not expected to use herbal colon cleansing products over long periods of time. Some other herbal colon cleansers can cause skin irritation, arthritis, irregular bowel movements and many other conditions.

Some other side effects of herbal colon cleansing products like Senna cause stomach discomfort and cramps which are noticed after some days of using the herbal products. One other problem with herbal colon cleansing products is that many manufacturers will usually advise patients to use their products for a month or even more when they are suppose to use these products for not more than one or two weeks. These kind of prescriptions are very dangerous, herbal colon cleansers should not be used for more than 1 week.

One major side effect of the presence of antiquinone in most herbal products is its detrimental power against bacteria. Some bacteria which are very helpful in the digestive system are destroyed along the unwanted ones, hence the body loses some of these beneficial bacteria due to the presence antiquinone.

Some herbal products can triggerf potassium loss and electrolyte imbalances. Nerve impulses are necessary for the body muscle functions through cell electrolyte processes while a regulated potassium level is also needed for the proper functioning of the heart as well, but due to the chemical nature of some herbal products ,the level of the electrolytic processes in the cell will be altered thereby causing an imbalance in the processes. So the same applies to some essential mineral compounds in the body system.



The colon is like a tube of circular muscle lined with a layer of moist mucous cells that lubricate the contents. The smooth folds of the colon are speckled with glands that resemble skin pores. These glands extract the fluids and electrolytes from the passing food residue. This fluid - about a quart each day - is recycled and eventually filtered and excreted by the kidneys as urine. Bowel movement is a bit slower process, it comes in large waves three to four times per day. Stimulated by the arrival of food to the stomach, the muscle bands of the colon move the contents along through each section. Once the stool moves out of the sigmoid colon into the rectum, the brain gets a signal that nature is calling, and you need to have a bowel movement.

Do you look and feel older than you are?  Did you know that colon cleansing (also known as colonic, bowel irrigation, high enema) improves skin and muscle tone, and reduces signs of aging. 
Is your waistline getting bigger every year no matter how much you exercise? 
Are you tired of being overweight ? 
Are your joints stiff, weak or painful?
Do you suffer from arthritis? 
We are not saying that this will cure the problem but it can help you to feel better without adding to the problem.

Almost all sick people have bowel trouble, whether they know it or not. Without getting the bowel back to proper functioning order, all other therapies, treatments, supplements or other aids fall far short of their potential good.

Proper bowel function is an essential precondition for staying healthy, and if ill, to overcome sickness and disease. By gently washing the colon with warm water, colon  cleansing actually exercises and tones your intestinal muscles!  
Bad bacteria are flushed out to start building a healthy internal environment. 

Colon irrigation is an alternative health hydrotherapy that gradually and gently cleanses the colon by flushing with a warm water solution. Colon cleansing is preventative healthcare, there is no better place to begin to rid your body of toxins and contamination that may cause cancer, colitis, digestive disorders, fatigue, obesity, and so much more. as  colonic irrigation.

Colon Hydrotherapy should be undertaken periodically. You can also use several Cleansing Enema Series in succession to accomplish the same thing.

Autointoxication is defined as "the poisoning of the body, or some part of the body, by toxic matter generated therein." Autointoxication is self-poisoning.
Autointoxication theorizes that accumulated intestinal waste products poison the body and are a major contributor to many diseases.

What if I can't go?

How often does this happen to you? Everyone at one time or another experiences constipation. If you have chronic constipation or don't feel like you've finished the job, you could need colon cleansing. Common sense and science tell us that prolonged retention of feces and stale waste matter in the colon may, and often does, result in blockage of the passage within the colon causing all kinds of disease.  A plaster-like coating can form on the walls of the colon. Colon irrigation can and will dissolve this, but to remove this too rapidly could cause the inner lining of the colon to become mildly irritated. The best approach is to gradually, comfortably, and effectively soak and saturate the colon with water.  It takes years to create blockage and build-up to the inside walls of the colon so it may take a series of bowel irrigation's to cleanse thoroughly. You will enjoy an increased energy, lightness of being, and the overall healthful feeling that bowel irrigation provides, you'll want to maintain a regular schedule for that healthy, look younger and feel great feeling!

Most of us judge colon health by the frequency and type of bowel movements we experience. Many in the orthodox medical field of study believe that individual rates of peristaltic action differ widely, a perfectly normal rate of bowel movement can vary anywhere from three times a day to three times a week. Some say that we ought not to expect our bowels to operate exactly the same two days in a row. On the other hand, most alternative, naturopathic, homeopathic or holistically-minded folks believe that a healthy colon will have good evacuation two to three times within 24 hours. Some also believe that a bowel movement should occur like clockwork, aiding and abetting nutritional cycles. For the better part of this century, naturalistic healers have believed that the indigestible portion of the food we eat lodges in the large intestine and stays there until eliminated in a bowel movement. Therefore, infrequent movements or periods of constipation (especially those extending beyond 72 hours) can result in a partial decomposition of waste, which can encrust on the colon walls and hinder elimination. The toxins from this fecal matter are then reabsorbed into the body through the bloodstream, lowering the body's defenses against unhealthy bacteria, and dangerous viruses.


Colon cleansing can help provide relief from maladies such as colds & flu, constipation, diarrhea, bad breath and body odor, fatigue,  headaches,  hemorrhoids, weight problems, digestive difficulties, back and muscle aches,  stress, and the list goes on.  We cannot expect to have sharp minds or vitality for living when our bodies are polluted.  People report greater alertness, overwhelming joy, incredible insight, and even better sex after colonic cleansing.

Early indications of colon problems can include: sallow skin, coated tongue, bad breath, offensive body odor, headaches, bloating, poor appetite, stiff joints (especially knees), lethargy, dizziness, muscle pain, moodiness and irritability, hemorrhoids, skin rash, hypertension,  and a feeling of stomach heaviness. 


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