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Shown are three types of common bulb syringes

Bulb or Ball syringes are used for small volume enemas. They fill only therectum and sigmoid colon with enema solution. The syringe is filled by squeezing the air out of the bulb, placing the tip of the bulb syringe into the water or solution, and releasing the bulb which creates suction to fill the bulb syringe with the liquid.
Bulb syringes come in various sizes ranging from 1 oz.  to 26 oz..

Or you might want to use a Clear Enema Bag for your implant enema.

3 oz. bulb Syringe
Bulb Syringe Infant - 3 oz
Excellent for a small implant enema

Cara 6oz.Enema Syringe
Cara 6oz.Enema Syringe
Good for a medium implant enema

2oz.Implant Bulb Syringe
2oz.Implant Bulb Syringe
Great for a small implant enema

rimba8ozbulb.jpg (23234 bytes)
8oz. Bulb Syringe

8oz. Bulb Syringe
8 oz. Bulb syringe

Small tapered nozzle for quick assembly, a longer douche nozzle with a fountain squirt, a longer and thicker one that is ribbed for additional sensation, and the longest has a soft twirl for extra sensation.

8 oz. Bulb syringe
8oz. Bulb Syringe

10oz-- 2 in 1 Douche & Enema
10oz-- 2 in 1 Douche& Enema

10oz Bulb Syringe W/ 2 Nozzles
10oz Bulb Syringe W/ 2 Nozzles
The Bulb Syringe Douche Enema Combination is versatile and convenient for enemas while traveling. It comes with two screw-on tips, a shield and two connectors to attach either tip to a hose.

26oz. Adult Ball Syringe
26oz. Adult Ball Syringe

As in any time you are inserting something into the anus, lubrication is a necessity. The type of lubricant used
can be anything that will help make the insertion easier and more comfortable. Sliquid Organics H2O  Astroglide  Vaseline 13oz.  
When using a bulb syringe I prefer a heavier viscosity lubricant such as Vaseline because of the amount of insertions required
fill the colon.

The enema is administered by inserting the tip into the anus and rectum and squeezing the bulb to inject the solution into the bowels.

 Individuals generally use several bulbs of  enema solution injected into the bowels before they feel that they have received enough of the solution to produce a good enema.
The number of injections is dependent upon the size and age of the recipient and the capacity of the bulb syringe.

Many people have fond or not so fond memories of lying across their mother's lap as a Bulb syringe filled their tummy.


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Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider.
 Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
 Discontinue use and consult your health care provider.
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 If pregnant or have an existing medical condition consult your healthcare provider before using.


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