Bayberry Bark and White Oak Bark Enema Recipe

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Bayberry (or mytle) is a marshland plant of the Eastern United States and an astringent herb.  Long ago, the primary use of bayberry was for 'canker'
sores, which at one time were thought to be accumulations of 'colds' at various locations
throughout the body.  Bayberry seals over sites of  infection in the mouth, throat and gums as well as producing productive coughs to rid the body of mucus and phlegm.  An alcoholic tincture
 of the bark may reduce sensitivity of the prostate to testosterone, research is ongoing as t this.

White oak bark is used for making bath additives and
gargles to stop bacterial and viral infections.  An alcohol tincture painted on the skin or used to make a cream helps to fight staph infections.  Research continues, to confirm the traditional use of oak bark decoctions in treating kidney stones.  There are indications that the bark will reduce the frequency and severity of kidney stones, not only dissolving them but stopping the growth of the bacteria that surrounds them.  White Oak bark contains:
zinc, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous, all of which are used to shrink tissues, such as swollen glands.
Some researchers also report that regular consumption of the bark may lower cholesterol, although there are more effective herbs for this purpose.
Apply powdered white oak bark to your gums to fight infections and tighten teeth. Use a tincture of white oak bark as a mouthwash to combat gingivitis. help stop diarrhea and dysentery.

The combined use of Bayberry and White Oak would be to reduce infection throughout the body both are strong astringents as well.


Bayberry bark tones the intestinal tissue, aids in prolapse and hemorrhoids and was used in early days to promote abortion.  Due to the astringent properties of Bayberry Bark it should never be used if you are pregnant as it can cause contractions. 

While herbal infusions can be extremely healing and soothing, always be on the side of caution
and careful of allergic reactions.

Enema Recipe:
2 tbsp. of powder or four capsules of Bay Berry Bark and the same of White Oak Bark with 2 quarts of warm filtered water.  Mix well.


Directions for Administering an Enema

Use caution when using any enema with herbal extracts, like coffee enema, garlic, apple cider vinegar or any herbal preparation. Not all people tolerate those herbs the same way.
Some people are extremely intolerant or even allergic to some herbs.

If you  use any herbal extract with enema water, try first using a smaller amount herbs, and if you still feel good, you can try more the next time.

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