Balloon Enema Catheter

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Balloon Enema Catheter
The ultimate in enema retention devices

Balloon catheters were designed originally for medical use.  These catheters are used for barium x-rays where large on amounts of barium and or air would be injected into the colon and need to to be retained for long periods of time during a procedure. This type of balloon catheter is generally used on people who have trouble maintaining their anal sphincter muscle or any person that cannot retain the amount of solution or air that is used during a barium enema procedure.

The latex balloon catheter pictured is a 250cc.x 250cc. balloon size.  ( cc = cubic centimeter)
Balloon catheters come in a variety of sizes from 15 cc. to 750 cc. size balloons.
The  first balloon is inserted just inside the anus and the balloon inflated.
Then the balloon outside of the anus is inflated this gives a very good anal seal.
The only lubricant to use on any latex product is a non petroleum based lubricant.
Such as Sliquid Organics H2O Lubricant  Astroglide - Latex Safe Lubricant  KY Jelly
Never use Vaseline or any petroleum based lubricant on this or any latex type of catheter.
Petroleum products break down and destroy the latex rubber.



(2) The bottom balloon catheter is a latex single balloon of a larger size. 750cc.( cc = cubic centimeter)  Single rectal retention catheter permits easy insertion, then gentle inflation, giving the person receiving the enema the ability to relax the sphincter muscle and take in and, if necessary, retain the enema.

750cc. deflated

750cc. inflated W/10pumps

Balloon Catheters can be found in several shapes and sizes.
This is a great device for people who require a way to receive large enemas without leakage, even during cramping.  Retention nozzles permit the anal sphincter to relax, even when taking large volume high enemas and retention enemas.


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enema retention nozzle, balloon catheter

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