Ascending Colon

diagram of the colon

Sketch of the ascending colon showing it's location in shaded area

picture of the ascending colon


The Ascending colon is on the right side of the pelvis, and the lowest part of it is called the cecum, the part of the colon where the small intestine expels its contents into the colon in a liquid form. It is the part of the colon with the largest diameter, and is most effective in absorbing water.
This can be achieved with a good enema 2 to 3 quarts of warm water enema.

When taking an enema you need to fill and distend the entire colon from the anus as far as the ascending colon. This can require anywhere from 2 qts. to as much as 4 qts. or more of solution in healthy adults.
 Small Intestine

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human colon
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