Anal Lubrication
anal lubrication, anal lubrications for enemas

A good anal lubricant is an  important tool for easy insertion of the enema nozzle so as to not cause pain or injury to the sensitive anus and rectal tissues. A  flexible enema nozzle can also reduce the chance of perforation of the rectum. 
Colon tubes are yet another way to reduce the risk of possible injury.
  There are many little tips and tricks to make taking an enema a safer, more comfortable experience.
Separate the buttocks and visually inspect the anus and anal area for visible signs of hemorrhoids or anal injury. 
Also do a brief fingertip rectal examination to feel for internal hemorrhoids or other abnormalities.

 Most people prefer to use to a gloved finger to apply lubrication to the anus. By using a glove there's also less chance to injure the anal tissue with a ragged fingernail.
  1. Vinyl Gloves  Use non latex, made of a soft vinyl as some people are allergic to latex without even knowing it.  Gloves come in small, large&extra large. They are lightly powdered (unscented), with a beaded cuff for easy donning. And, they are extremely comfortable. We highly recommend that you use gloves when giving yourself or someone else an enema.
  2. Lubricants  are important, especially if hemorrhoids are present. Sliquid Organics H2O Enema Lubricant  Vaseline 13oz. KY Jelly
     Lubricate the outside the anus. Add more lubricant to your finger.
  3. Now lubricate the inside of the anus by inserting your gloved finger into the anal cavity.
  4. You can help relax the anus by repeated withdrawal and insertions of the lubricated finger.  Moving the finger around inside the anus will also expedite relaxation of the anal sphincter.
  5. By doing these things you will make nozzle insertion more comfortable and easier for the recipient and to reduce possible injury to the delicate anal tissues.

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