Anal Fissures

When the anal canal suffers damage, it can result in an Anal Fissure. This anal problem mostly occurs due to the overstretching of anus,  chronic diarrhea,  hemorrhoids,  irritable bowel or any other disorder that results in an inflamed anus.

These disorders can arise at any age and occur in both males and females. Major symptoms include pain, which can often be extreme and/or the passing of stool with bright red blood.

People try everything possible like medicated creams, laxatives, high fiber diets and a lot of water, but often give up and resort to needless surgery.

The healing process of anal fissures can be exhaustive and many people do end up needing surgery.  However, much of the time this problem can be cured without surgery and can be done through proper food habits and a proper routine of bowel habits. Using a high enema series  for colon cleansing is an excellent method for helping to heal and cure anal fissures. Enemas are a very safe and easy process for cleaning your colon.  If  the large intestine is clean,  it will definitely speed up the healing process. This cleaning process not only provides you with a clean rectal area, but also will provide a useful break from bowel movements for about 1-3 days,  which will allow the anus a chance to heal.

The process also softens fecal material, so that it will pass the injured area comfortably without causing any more harm which will also help in the healing process. This form of colon cleansing can be used whenever a person feels that the anal or rectal area needs rest from what should be a daily routine.

People who have been undergoing enemas for several years for effective colon cleansing have discovered them as excellent way to heal anal fissures economically and effectively.  Enemas are safe and easy to do and can be done in the privacy of the  home. Remember... a well functioning and clean colon is an important way to good health.

About 50-75% of anal fissures treated in this fashion will heal in a few weeks. If the fissure does not heal, surgery could be an option.   Example of an anal fissure kit:

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