Enema amounts for Children

The recommended amounts of solution for Children are substantially less than for an adult. The size and weight of an individual influences how much they can take without experiencing excessive discomfort. Unless otherwise specified, a safe general rule of thumb used in the hospital is approximately one ounce of solution for every three pounds of body weight. Using this guide the following amounts could be used.
Approximate patient weight lbs. Enema volume by weight of individual (lbs.) 

    25                                              pint            
    50                                             1 pint             
    75                                             1 1/2 pints    
   100                                            1 quart
   150                                            1 1/2 quarts
   175                                            2 quarts
   175+                                          2 quarts+
Never force more liquid than is reasonably comfortable for the child. 
It will not take many enema sessions to discover the correct amount for your child to achieve a complete cleansing.

For weights in between those values in the table, use an the lesser amount of solution that falls in between the weight range values.

These volume estimates can be used for adults as well.


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enema amounts for children
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