Algin Enema Recipe
algae and seeweed for use in enemas

Our lives are subject to dozens of toxin related diseases.  Cancer, Alzheimer's and others can be worsened or be catalyzed by the toxins we are exposed to.  Do you really know for a certainty that you aren't being exposed to radiation from the Japanese reactors through food or the air you breathe?  Do you truly understand that radioactive poisons have half lives of tens of thousands of years?
If we care about our lives then keeping our bodies happily functional for as long as possible is
the first important step.  We can use natural antioxidants to give ourselves at least some fighting chance against the toxins out there.

Coffee enemas are key because they detoxify the liver and therefore remove tremendous amounts of stored poisons from the body and blood. This removal of poisons is the reason coffee enemas are so very useful. 

You can also add the juices of a variety of cleansing foods and herbs to coffee enemas to intensify your detoxification effects. Essentially, these healing substances travel into your liver with the coffee, and then directly touch your bloodstream. Because they enter the body in this way, unhampered by digestion, they are far more powerful than if they were taken through the mouth. And because you're doing them in an enema, the poisons are often removed in mass, in a way that may not even be possible through other means.

Seaweed, most people now know, contains natural iodine which protects the thyroid from radioactive iodine, by occupying our body`s iodine receptors. Brown seaweeds also have compounds that neutralize radiation, taking the radiation protection even deeper.

Organic cilantro is also helpful because it moves heavy metals out of the body as does algae- and metals are part of the radioactive mix that`s spewed all over Japan and the rest of the world. Cilantro also helps remove lead, mercury and aluminum - and most people have these brain damaging metals in them, just from standard living.

Algae (spirulina) algae
Antioxidant: Full of antioxidants, algae helps restrict the growth of free radicals and toxics. Antioxidants also aid in production of necessary enzymes, needed to keep the body's function smooth.

Better Digestion: As it is organic in nature and full of enzymes, it is easily digestible and light on the stomach. It is known to help in smooth bowel movements, thereby reducing the occurrence of all abdomen muscle associated diseases.

Protein and Complex Sugar: Algae is considered a complete source of protein, as it contains amino acids, minerals and many vitamins, essential for the growth of hair, skin and nails.

Immunity Booster: Algae contains immune boosting and stimulating properties such as amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins. These help fight infections, detoxify the immune system and aid in building the body's resistance to infections.

Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA): There are only two sources of GLA found; mother's milk and spirulina, a blue-green algae. GLA is essential to the development and growth of babies. Deficiency in nutrition reduces GLA in the mother's milk, which results in poor baby health.

Chronic Disease Treatment: Algae is known to treat diabetes, anemia, liver disease, ulcers, allergies, radiation and chemical poisoning. Its concentrated sugar helps to stabilize blood sugar levels in people with high or low blood sugar.

Nutrients: Algae ensures a healthy nutrient level for people who diet, as well as people who detoxify their bodies regularly. The amino acids present in algae are known to influence neurotransmitters in the brain that control appetite.

Alkaline Food: A balanced diet consists 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food. An acidic body is vulnerable to diseases. Algae is considered as a natural source of alkaline food.

Other Benefits of Algae:

Presence of calcium and magnesium, which is essential for strong bones.
High levels of iron, useful for anemic people and pregnant or lactating women.
It helps to reduce anxiety and treat sleep disorders.
It is popular in weight reduction diets.
Algae contains the zeaxanthin nutrient, which is good for the eyes.
Regular consumption of algae aids to enhance memory and increase concentration and focus.
Consuming algae as regular health supplement helps improve the overall development and growth of the body, as it contains almost all nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and nucleic acids, chlorophyll, fiber, etc. There are many types of algae available like, spirulina and chlorella. It is mostly available as powders, capsules, tablets, etc. While algae health benefits are enormous, it's best to consult a medical practitioner on the type and the amount one needs to consume to achieve maximum health benefits.

Algin Enema Recipe:
4 to 8 Algin capsules thoroughly mixed with warm filter water.
2 quarts warm filtered water ( Mix well )

Temperature 103°Fahrenheit

To make a coffee, seaweed and cilantro enema:  Make a one or two gallon coffee enema (to fill and release several times) and cool your coffee with water before use. Then, add a handful or two of cilantro and seaweed into a blender with a couple cups of water to blend and add these strained liquids to your coffee enema solution.

Now just fill and release several times, retaining each enema about six minutes to let those poisons neutralize themselves and wash out of your body.  Many people would benefit from doing this daily for a few weeks, or longer, and then perhaps occasionally on an on-going basis, as another standard protection protocol.

Of course, after enemas you'll want to replenish your healthy bacteria too.

types of algaeAlgae in bulk, capsule and tablet

blue green algae.

Directions for Administering an Enema

 Wash and sanitize Enema Equipment after use

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